New era of steamed buns

New era of steamed buns

Nakamuraya and Imuraya

As the cold weather deepens in January, the product that makes me want to buy at convenience stores is “pork buns.”

I can get enough of the ones filled with a lot of ingredients, such as Seven-Eleven’s “Mochiru Juicy Tokusen Pork Buns” and Famima’s “Gokumami Kurobuta Manju“.

I bow down to convenience stores and Nakamuraya and Imuraya, which are responsible for the production of these products, for creating an environment where people can easily buy them when they want them.

Even when I stop by a convenience store to buy a bento, I fall under the spell of “buying by accident” at the cash register, so to save money, I buy 4-packs (Imuraya) and 6-packs (Nakamuraya) at the supermarket for my home stock.

However, if the manufacturer is the same, there is no difference in taste or quality, so I would like to encourage you to consider supermarket products, which are available at a reasonable price.

From bantamweight to heavyweight

For those hungry boys who are thinking, “the meat bun skin is delicious, but I would be satisfied if the filling were a little more substantial…” there is some good news.

Seijo-Ishii’sSteamed Buns with 60% Ingredients” reverses the conventional ratio of dough to filling of 60 to 40 in the pork bun industry.

After being asked “Give me a bite!” and then not having to worry about being asked for another bite because all your friends got were the skin!.

I recommend the Kagurazaka 50th steamed bun or the Yuchinro steamed bun (large) to the hungry king who resents the fact that “120 grams is not enough even if there are a lot of ingredients.”

These products are also sold in department stores, so the price is reasonable, but you will feel a little bit of luxury.

In fact, Kagurazaka 50 also sells an assortment of products for New Year’s gifts and cold-weather visits.

It is hard to imagine a gift made of meat buns, but since both adults and children can eat them, they may be a surprisingly good product.

Hot or Chilled

Do you know the Kansai local commercial that changes the atmosphere in the living room with and without 551?

It is “551 Hourai“, which sells pork buns that are now famous not only in the Kansai region but also throughout Japan.

I always buy them on my way home from business trips, thinking that a box of pork buns will make my family happy, but it is a pain to wait in long lines at both Shin-Osaka Station on the Shinkansen bullet train and Osaka International Airport (Itami Airport).

Especially at Itami Airport, I usually wait in line for 15 to 30 minutes at the store right outside the arrival gate to buy refrigerated souvenirs, and then move to the south terminal by the ANA departure gate to enjoy eating-in for another 20 minutes.

I manage to put up with it as an attraction of 551 Hourai theme park, but when it is too crowded, I get fed up with it.

The other day, I got an airport set (4 pork buns, 10 yakisai, 20 shrimp yakisai) at the chilled store and accidentally forgot to buy my favorite chimaki, so I got in line again at the take-out store at the departure gate.

The line was more crowded than usual and didn’t go very fast. I was also concerned about the security check time, so I had to leave the line after all.

The seafood yakisoba is hard to dismiss, but it would be nice if the eat-in sbase could be converted to a store where I can buy both refrigerated and hot takeout items

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