Reading before bedtime ~Paper books~

Reading before bedtime

Purpose of reading

After dinner, while leisurely watching TV, I suddenly feel sleepy.

I still haven’t watched my daily TV Tokyo WBS news, and I have to take a bath, so I’m trying my best to stay awake while resisting the urge to get up.

If I could suck out the sleepiness after dinner like Doraemon’s secret tool “Siphon away sleep” and return it to myself before going to bed, this problem would be solved, but I don’t have such a convenient tool, so I have no choice but to read books.

How to Keep My Billy Handsome

I prefer paper books for reading.” I often hear this, but I honestly don’t care either way.

Paper or e-book, as long as it puts me to sleep about 30 minutes after I start reading.

As usual, the evening routine is to buy one book of interest from the flat stacks at Yurindo and lean against the back of the bed frame at bedtime to read.

Since storage space is limited in my small home, I am worried that the bookshelf I found at IKEA will soon be filled with new books.

I wish Marie Kondo would visit us and organize them with the “magic of tidying up.” Unfortunately, I don’t have books that can tell the story of my life like a Netflix drama.

Also, I don’t have any books that “crush” me that much, so I’m sure Billy will be skulking around with a smile from Konmari-san.

It doesn’t matter that IKEA products are named after cities and islands, men and women, flowers and plants, animals, and other thematic names, keeping a reasonable amount of blank space while arranging books is how I keep the Billy looking handsome.

Of course, I don’t have the courage to abandon the books while resisting the magic of tidying up, and as a result, rather than leaving room for new books, some shelves have caused books to be aligned back and forth, while on the other hand, a “leaning tower of books” is being built one after another, which will topple over at the slightest tremor.

Generations of Showa vs. Reiwa

I hear that rereading a book once can bring new insights, but I almost never reread it.

My family and friends tell me that I should sell them on Mercari!, but as a member of the Showa generation, I find it troublesome and backbreaking to sell them on a flea market site, which is commonplace in Reiwa generation.

Since I am not suffering from back pain, I followed the advice of the Showa generation that I should take my books to Book-Off!!.

However the price tag was unbelievable for a hardcover book that was originally overpriced. I’d rather throw it away!!!” and the business negotiations broke down.

I headed back to the bookstore in front of the station, a 30-minute round-trip trip, feeling the ups and downs of emotions from the anticipation of the outbound trip to the disappointment of the inbound trip.

On the way home, the “brave words and deeds of the book-off” unleashed at the garbage dump on the first floor of the condominium dissipate into thin air.

After all, I carefully returned the books to their original positions, chanting the mantra that “there would be no reduction in the number of books.”

The weight of the books hurt my shoulders and back, and I had to stop at a pharmacy.

My mind and body, not just my back, are as heavy as lead with regard to organizing books, as I have increased new expenses, not to mention raising money for a book army. “What a day!”.

It’s time to start using e-books.

Reading before bedtime

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