Moments when the voice of the heart leaks out

Moments when the voice of the heart leaks out

I can’t help but feel like I’m about to speak up

There are moments in our daily lives when we almost shout out.

For example, when you encounter a “battle near the door” of a crowded train, such as people trying to force their way onto the train even though the door is full of passengers, or people trying to prevent others from getting off the train near the door during rush hour.

Other times when I accidentally overslept, when my laptop suddenly froze, when I hit my pinky finger on the corner of a piece of furniture, and so on, the list goes on and on.

However, a sales person’s monk like myself, who has experienced the world of unreasonableness on a daily basis, does not speak up when I gets a little irritated due to my advanced anger management education.

Of course, I cannot even remotely attack them with sarcastic “Kyoto-speak,” so I simply act like an adult and let them get away with it.

Causal Relationship with Emotions

If we verbalize the voice of our heart in a situation where we are angry, I will get into a fight with the angry person.

The truth is that I hold back because I don’t want to get into trouble on purpose, but there will be times when our voice comes out with emotions that are different from rage or exhaustion.

A Google search for “heart leaks,” results in a pale storyline like a romantic drama, such as “a scene in which a person is unable to suppress his or her rising feelings of tension.”

Have I become enlightened because I have been watching so many Korean dramas on TV lately?

I have indeed heard that “sales is like love“.

However, if you don’t speak until your words overflow, the business meeting will fail and your office will be filled with your boss’s complaints.

If you don’t convey your enthusiasm in words while avoiding landmines so as not to offend the client, you won’t sell anything.

If this continues, I’ll have to work more overtime and have less time to watch Netflix, so let’s take this more seriously.

This is not a world for an old man who hasn’t even had the “fleeting experience after a crash landing” to wander into.

I closed my eyes and tried to think it over, but I had never even been to Bodhgaya, let alone the Mikurin Grotto, so there was no way I would be able to reach enlightenment, but still open the Japanese sliding door in my house. After all, drama and reality are different.

How about soliloquies? It is said that first-rate athletes are freed from pressure by positive suggestion.

If I go to bed with the words, “I’m going on a business trip tomorrow, so I’ll get up at 5 a.m.,” you will wake up before the alarm rings due to self-awakening.

In my case, it’s not so much positive as it is “I can’t be late!” It is a negative suggestion bound by pressure and very tiring. But I still oversleep, so I really can’t do it.

Thinking back, the soccer penalty shootout I enjoyed in my school days, the answer I got when I got lost in a marked exam, the surprise I gave to my wife, etc., the “I can’t miss this one!” was usually unreliable.

Like a piece of academic writing, I have finished examining the leakage of my mind’s voice in different situations such as anger, tension, love, and soliloquy, so it’s about time I told you the status of my voice.

I thank you for your patience with my approximately 1,060-word rambling from the beginning of the sentence, “There are moments in my daily life when I feel as if my voice is about to break out unintentionally.

I apologize if I gave you the impression that I was “straddling commercials” on TV, but it is probably better that I did not repeat the same sentence back and forth.

I thought about ending the article here and saying “To be continued…” like in the suspenseful foreign drama “Prison Break” and putting down my pen.

However, no one would understand if I started with “Last time my heart was in…“.

I can’t plan as meticulously as Michael Scofield, so even if I could redundantly postpone the story, it would only make you angry.

Unlike program producers who mistakenly believe that because commercial broadcasting is free, they can afford to straddle a few commercials, I, with my strong sense of responsibility, must rub my sleepy eyes and continue to write about the future.

Even if it’s a garbage blog, it’s still Johnson & Johnson, and the principles of Our Credo are unshakable.

Another 360 words have been added, and the total number of words is 1,420 so far.

If I digress any further, the smiles on the faces of those who are patiently waiting for their turn to see “The Magical Story of Beauty and the Beast” at Tokyo Disneyland will disappear.

Then take this one with you!

A young brother and sister are walking in front of me carrying a supermarket bag.

It is easy to understand if you picture a scene like the popular TV show “Hajimete no Otsukai.

Thank you, NTV director, for making a great show. I sincerely hope that you do not fall into the dark side of straddling commercials.

The older brother seems to be accustomed to this adventure and is walking ahead of the younger sister with his footsteps.

My sister, on the other hand, is clearly tired of walking with the luggage and needs a break, as if it is too much for her small body.

I’m tired, wait a minute!” The older brother, who is walking without even the slightest sign of looking back at his sister’s voice.

The distance between the brother who keeps on walking and the sister who is slumped over is soon to be one horse length!” just as Kiyoshi Sugimoto, a famous horse racing analyst, was about to be heard.

This sidewalk is safe because of the distance from the roadway, but there are many pedestrians passing by.

If the distance opens up any further, there is a possibility that the younger sister will lose sight of her brother’s back…” Worried, I checked ahead and found that her brother, who was about 120 cm tall, was not getting any smaller.

I checked using my thumb and forefinger like Hiroshi Abe in Keigo Higashino’s original drama “Shinshinsha,” but the size had not changed. The little brother, sensing his sister’s situation, had stopped advancing.

On the contrary, he was coming closer to his sister, who had given up on her steps.

This is for you!” said the older brother, handing her a candy in the shape of a green ramune bottle.

Morinaga Ramune” is made of 90% glucose, and is supposed to nourish the sister’s brain and instantly recharge her with energy for walking.

The interaction between the two is like that of a trainer assisting an athlete. It could have been NHK’s “Professional Work Style” program instead of “Hajimete no Otsukai.

The sister’s little battery is recharged and a smile returns to her face. It is always wonderful to see the power of sweets to bring smiles to children’s faces.

The relieved little giant looked forward and was about to walk again toward his home on the inside of Wallaceena when he heard a shocking word from his sister: “I need you to help me carry this, so take this!” came a shocking word from his sister.

The troubled brother was speechless. Judging from the situation, the supermarket baggage was shared between the two of them.

There was no doubt that his brother’s bag was heavier than his sister’s. He was doing his best, but he was still a child. If he had come with his parents, he might have turned off his “go-getter” switch early on, just like his younger sister, and become a bit of a spoiled brat.

Here, take this!!” She handed what looked like vegetables from a bag to her brother.

Two bags are certainly not fair. But you are my brother, so you deserve this much support! The elder brother reluctantly accepts, feeling the quiet pressure from the younger sister.

Door in the face!I couldn’t help but speak my mind as the exchange unfolded before my eyes.

This was the moment when a sales person graduate’s tongue rolled back in my throat at the girl’s use of a behavioral psychology technique also known as the concessionary request method.

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