Sloth care for stiff shoulders

Sloth care for stiff shoulders

The poultice is a Feitas Za

According to the Japan Recovery Association, more than 70% of Japanese people suffer from stiff shoulders.

As I work remotely and use my smartphone more and more in my leisure time, I am also prone to stiff shoulders.

In particular, when the muscles from my neck to my back become stiff, it causes headaches, so I am conscious of taking regular care of my shoulders.

I keep a stock of compresses at home to relieve stiff shoulder symptoms.

After using a variety of products, I arrived at Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical’s Feitas Z Alpha Dixus warm sensation.

The pharmacist at the drugstore advised me that “diclofenac sodium will relieve inflammation in the affected area, and vanillyl amide nonyl acid will improve blood flow!” was the genesis of my purchase.

However, this product is classified as a Class 2 drug, so those who want to try it need to check the precautions for use with the pharmacist.

Highly cost-effective Rirakuru

Like my friend, many people go for massages to relieve stiff shoulders.

It is well known that it feels better to receive a massage from a therapist than to massage yourself, but what concerns me is the cost.

There is a big difference between Rirakuru (1,300 yen for 15 minutes, 2,200 yen for 30 minutes, 3,980 yen for 60 minutes), Raffine (2,200 yen for 20 minutes, 4,400 yen for 40 minutes, 6,600 yen for 60 minutes), and Temomin (2,200 yen for 15 minutes, 4,400 yen for 30 minutes, 8,800 yen for 60 minutes).

If you are looking for an athletic massage, choose Rirakuru or Temomin, and if you want to feel comfortable and healed, choose Raffine.

However, I am not sure if men can receive treatment at Raffine.

For me, it’s harder to get into than a pancake store, so I look forward to reports from the brave souls who have been able to unravel the mysteries of reflexology.

In any case, even the cheapest 60-minute course “Rirakuru” costs 3,980 yen, so it would be good to compare its effectiveness in improving stiff shoulders with that of 2 boxes (42 sheets) of Feitas Z Alpha Dixus Onkankan.

Recommended Medical Equipment

For those of you who lament, “I can’t afford to go to a massage parlor…,” we recommend the use of medical equipment.

With the recent AI and IoT boom, massage chairs are also evolving, and massage chairs such as Fuji Medical Equipment Cyber Relax and Panasonic REAL PRO are so comfortable that it feels as if you are being treated by human hands.

Some people may think that they would rather have 125 60-minute sessions at Rilakuru or buy 272 boxes (5,712 sheets) of Feitas Z Alpha Dixus warm sensation than buy a massage chair that costs 500,000 yen.

I would choose the “Feitas life” of putting up Feitas Z Alpha Dixus warm sensation every day for 15 years.

There is no room for a Panasonic REAL PRO (85cm wide and 200cm deep) in my small house.

If I had free space, I would like to build a leaning tower of books by piling up the books I introduced in the article “I love paper books” on the floor.

You are right to scold me, “Why did you introduce a product you have no intention of buying?” I am sure you are right to scold me, but there is a possibility that some wealthy people are looking forward to my blog updates, so I went all the way to an electronics retail store to try out the products and tell you about them.

I hope you will forgive me for this, as it is salary man’s way of life” to be willing to be wrapped around the long and the strong.

Nevertheless, since it is my principle to be close to 99% of my readers, I will also introduce some recommended medical equipment that is not a massage chair.

The criteria should be a handheld, battery-powered, word-of-mouth rated massage device that can relieve stiffness in the neck, shoulders, and back.

In addition to online research, I actually tested a number of actual devices before selecting the Dr. Air “Exagan Handy PRO”.

The actress Ryoko Yonekura’s advertisements may remind some people of this massage gun.

This is especially good news for those who suffer from back pain that spreads from the back to the shoulders and neck, where the muscles around the shoulder blades are tense.

The Exagan Handy PRO (17,600 yen) has an open/close arm and auxiliary grip that allow the user to apply the device to the back and lower back, which are difficult to relax on their own.

The user can choose from four vibration modes (Mode 1: 1,500 vibrations/minute, Mode 2: 2,000 vibrations/minute, Mode 3: 3,000 vibrations/minute, and Mode 4: 800 vibrations/minute), and at 350g, it is lightweight so the weight is not a concern during use.

Mode 4, which has the gentlest vibration, can be used to tighten the delicate facial area.

If fully charged with the Type-C cable, the device can be used approximately 4 to 5 times for 10 minutes each time, so depending on the frequency, it may not need to be recharged every day.

More and more people are carrying Anker chargers (Nano II, Power port) and Type-C cables to charge their phones and computers outdoors.

The Exagan Handy PRO is compact and portable, so you can bring it with you when traveling or on business trips, as described in the article “What’s in that bag?

How was this 265-word product review in response to a description of a luxury massage chair (about 40 words)?

I hope that you can understand the enthusiasm of this blog as well as Johnson & Johnson Our Credo.

I’ve heard that the best way to improve stiff shoulders is to train from the neck to the shoulder blades, but I can’t do it because I’m worse at moving than a sloth.

For the time being, I will try to get over my stiff shoulder pain with the rotation of Dr. Air Exagan Handy PRO, Feitas Z Alpha Dixus Warmth, and RirakuRu once a month.

Sloth care for stiff shoulders

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